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Although founded in 2021, the foundation of Cakery Thirteen has been over 10 years in the making. Since being introduced as a child to the world of baking from her Nana, Elizabeth immediately found passion in it to channel her inner creativeness through the art of baking and decorating. In 2011, Elizabeth began baking more and more, experimenting with different recipes of her own as well as the journey of perfecting her signature buttercream! After baking frequently for friends and family, yielding many requests from others - she then decided to make her dreams a reality and make a leap into the small business world.

As a receptionist of over 15 years and with one solid year in business, Elizabeth then decided in March of 2022 to take on her cake business as a full time career. As an added touch to detail, Elizabeth has also worked freelance for a local bridal florist. This is where she has learned her floral design skills that shine in her cake designs. (Thank you Jessica of Fleurish Design Studio for your mentoring & support! XO)

Behind The Name

Although many deem thirteen an unlucky number, it has been the opposite for Elizabeth. Her oldest daughter is the inspiration behind the name. She was born February 13th, 2013 - in delivery room 13. The baby girl was dubbed as "cupcake" due to Elizabeth's pregnancy cravings, and that's exactly what her nickname is to this very day!

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